1 Output Wifi Remote Control Relay,DC 12V Power

รหัสสินค้า: USR-WM1h
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Mini PCI-E WiFi Card สำหรับ Notebook RTL8188CE
16 Channel Relay,Remote Control Switch by LAN
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Product description

Model: USR-WM1h
Function: USR-WM1h is an engineering smart WIFI switch which can realize remote control and LAN switch via LonHand software;
Application: Energy management,Smart Home,industrial automation,agriculture IOT,power control and security control;

LonHand System Advantages:

  • Convenient remote control: Only register Lonhand account and tie the account to USR-WH1h;
  • Hostless and Dynamic: User only needs to buy USR-WM1h without buying host;
  • Overall application network: Ethernet,WIFI and GPRS;
  • Five Platform Control: Windows,MAC OS,IOS,Android and Web;
  • Support secondary development: User can develop phone or PC program control according to our API;
  • Multiple safety verification: Both remote control and LAN control have password verification, which can ensure system security;


Function and Feature

  • Supports110v/220v power;
  • 3 channel power output;
  • 2 plugs for each channel;
  • Support AP+STA work mode;
  • can work as an AP, so pc/phone/tablet can join it;
  • can be used as STA to join your router;


Product Parameter



 Product Certificates

 Development Files


​ Application Software

User Manual



As shown above:
1.USR-WM1h has DC 12V or AC 110~220V power supply;(USR-WM1s:DC 5V or DC 6~24V )
2.Relay has normally open and normally closed contacts.Users can make their option according to their own needs;
3.USR-WM1h has an external key interface, whose function is same to WM1h built-in button. when user is not convenient to use WM1h built-in button, he can use the external key interface. When use WM1h's external key interface, user can not touch the external leads for avoiding the risk of electric shock!


1.DIY users
Install USR-WM1h in ceiling lamp,door lock and distribution box; Use LonHand software to realize smart home control;

2.Project businessmen
USR-WM1h can be applied to any projects which need control switch,including Barrier control,shutter door control,energy management,industrial automation control and power control;

Manufacturers can embed WM1h core modules into their products like ceiling lamp, electric curtain,building host and small appliances, and then use LonHand software to realize smart home control;


Phone software: Support IOS and Android

PC software : Support Windows and MAC OS




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