RS232 to 433MHz Transceiver MODEM 1E86B

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GSM GPRS Modem  Quad Band GPRS DTU Terminal
ARDUINO DUE R3 Compatible Board SAM3X8E 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3+USB cable
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Product description

Model : SRWF1E86B / 433MHz RF transceiver modem / Industrial grade.

Direct communication to module which allows user to send "Hello World" from node A to B-Z in same channel by RS232 interface.
SRWF-1E86 come with internal FIFO management which help you to manage the data input-output smoothly. 

SRWF-1E86 come with 2 communications type. User can set up communication type by the software.
- Peer to Peer mode
- Network mode/ Master - Slave / Repeater  allows wide network cover area.
SRWF-1E86 is low power wireless data transceiver modules. It can be
used for any standard or nonstandard user protocol.
The below are SRWF-1E86 main features:
1. Adjustable transmitting power:
Eight grade of transmitting power can be available: -1dBm(0.78mw),
2dBm(1.56mw), 5dBm(3.125mw), 8dBm(6.25mw), 10dBm(10mw),
14dBm(25mw), 17dBm(50mw), 20dBm(100mw). Default value is
2. Customized work frequency
433/470/868/915MHz for your choice ( 433MHz for this bidding)
3. High anti-interference and low BER(Bit Error Rate)
Based on GFSK/FSK modulation, the high- efficiency forward error
correction channel encoding technology is used to enhance datafs
resistance to both burst interference and random interference
4. Multi-Channel and channel selection available
Channel can be configured by both hardware and software. The
default is by hardware
You can configure 16 channels by hardware or 64 channels by
software which meet the multiple communication combination modes.
5. Easy selection of three interface modes
TTL interface; TTL+RS232; TTL+RS485
You can choose one of them, and then interface will be fixed during
6. Serial port baud rate configuration by software
Baud rate set to below value by software:
1200/2400/4800/9600/14400/19200 bps; default value is 9600bps
7. Serial port data format definition
Serial port data format can be configured by both hardware and
software, the default is by hardware; it support eight bit data(8N1) and
nine bit data(8E1,8O1) and the default is nine bit data.
8. Supporting data frame with no length limit
9. Wide working temperature: -40~85 degree C  meet both industrial or
residential requirements
10. Support many kinds of 50ohm antenna to meet different structure
11. High integration with stable and reliable communication
12. High anti-interference; Support RSSI; short delay during communication
13. Supporting sleep function and sleep current is less than 5uA in TTL
14. LED indicate transmit and receiving during working
15. Reliable ESD protection; antenna port and main ground support ±8KV
static electricity
16. Comply with CE and FCC requirements
17. 485 interface: bidirectional semi duplex
18. Long transmitting distance.
Below transmitting distance is on condition of be placed on the height
of 2meter to ground with AT-1 antenna
1000m(433MHz @1200bps,17dBm), 1000m(433MHz @2400bps,
17dBm), 900m(433MHz @4800bps,17dBm) , 800m(433MHz
@9600bps,17dBm) , 720m(433MHz @19200bps,17dBm)


SRWF-1E86 series modules can be used for below applications:
1. AMR-Automatic Meter Reading
2. Remote control in industry
3. Wireless solutions for weighing scale
4. Data collection of production line
5. Automation and control of medical/electronic equipment
6. Data communication in railway, oil well and wharf
7. Wireless smart control of lighting system
8. Wireless alarm and security system
9. Car alarm, tire pressure monitoring and four-wheel orientation
10. Wireless POS and PDA smart terminals
11. LED display screen for lane buoy or temporary station in open field
12. Automated non-stop billing system on freeway
13. Wireless sensor network
14. Bank queuing management system
15. Automatic control of medical equipment and electronic instruments
16. Warehouse management system


Package Include

     1.) SRWF1E86B Modem x 2 pcs

       2.) 433MHz Antenna x 2 pcs.

      3.)  RS232  cable x 2 pcs.

      4.)  5V AC adaptor  x 2 pcs.






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